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Meet the therapy specialists team of “Pyunic”. They are psychologists, speech therapists, physiotherapists, art therapists, special teachers, who do believe that everyday work may change the lives of children with disabilities. Their strong character and willingness are the most important motion that keeps these children move on and develop their abilities step by step.

Lusine Aleqsandryan, who is the¬†psychologist of Pyunic’s “Early Intervention” program, works with Levon, who has a cerebral palsy. The specialist remembers that it was very hard to work with the child when he first came to “Pyunic”. But she knew they would manage to overcome everything. Learning colors and shapes of various subjects, concentration on a certain tasks and many other procedures are planned for Levon to do during the 30 minutes lesson. Lusine is satisfied with the smart child and encourages him to go on. She is sure that every day is a new challenge and if one believes in his works, nothing can hinder to have success.

Working in a group brings perfect results, – says Anush Harutyunyan, who is a speech therapist. The group she is working with, consists of five children presenting with Dawn Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, etc. She says that children are able to use their potential but they need a certain specialist who will reveal the abilities they have. It’s not an easy task to help children learn to talk and what makes it happen, is the dedication to the work she does. Children learn helping each other while working in a group. It’s such an important phenomenon, when you teach a child to support others. The group work includes not only speech therapy lesson, but also drawing. Hayk Kakosyan, who is the art therapist, helps these children to express their emotions through painting. Sometimes it’s a bit difficult for them to express what they feel using words and painting is very unique technique to reveal their feelings through colors and pencils.

The children included in the group, move to another room, where their special teacher Nune Ambardanova and Lusine Aleqsandryan are waiting for them to do another task. Different cards with certain subjects are waiting for them to explore. Some parts of the subjects are missing, so each person of the group has a task to find the missing part and make the subject complete. Some do it fast, others slowly, but the main purpose of this process is not the speed, but the quality. Both therapists perfectly remember these children a year ago and they are very proud of them now, because so many things are changed, so many achievements they have.

The therapist meet children with disabilities twice a week. They have both personal and group work with every child. What motivates them to move forward is just one thing: LOVE.

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