This project was implemented in cooperation with the Georgian “Association for People in Need of Special Care.”

Exhibition of art works by disabled individuals from both Armenia and Georgia marked the culmination of the project. Exhibitions were devoted to the International Day of the Disabled.

Art and cultural project for people with disabilities

The aim of the project

To involve people with disabilities in the cultural life of the Republic of Armenia, thus furthering their integration into society.

Project Objectives

To organize professional training

To raise competitiveness of people with disabilities in the job market

80 children and young adults have gained knowledge of arts such as wood carving, embroidering, painting, and pottery in the framework of the project.

Long Term Objectives of the Project

Establish cooperation with regional NGOs that deal with disability issues and share experience and knowledge of good practices

Bring to light talented individuals with disabilities.

Short Term Objectives of the Project

Introduce the arts to people with disabilities

Provide leisure activities for the disabled