Below are testimonials from some of the families who participate at Pyunic.

“When we faced the autism for the first time, as other parents of children with disabilities we thought that our family will no longer be as happy as it used to be before. However, due to “Pyunic” NGO, very quickly we shifted the accents and decided to be more realistic and supportive and to pass our positive emotions not only to our daughter Elena, but also to other children and their families living with the same problem.

We didn’t allow our daily difficulties to force us loose our optimism and perceive the problem as a challenge, whereas it is an award.

The love of our daughter towards arts guided our future steps: we decided to concentrate our attention not on solving the existing problem, but rather on exploring our daughter’s talent. The results were stunning: now Elena paints very well, she attends dancing and theatre classes and on September 1st she went to a mainstream school. And we, as parents, will keep on living hand-in-hand with Elena.”

Mother, Melea Militosyan

“Edik is my first grandson, whose birth brought happiness to our family. Initially, his development was normal, difficulties began at the age of 2-2.5 when we notice speech disorder. We started our difficult way full of accomplishments despite the exhortation the relatives and friends.
Due to the professional work of Pyunic’s staff and cooperation with other parents, we made considerable changes in a very short period of time.
Now Edik is 10 years old, attends painting, singing and chess classes, and despite a number of difficulties he feels a full member of the society.
As a parent and a grandmother, I assure you that a day when the society will change its attitude towards people with disabilities is coming. The organization like “Pyunic” is constantly advocating the rights of our children and provides different services, but I would like to state one very important thing: we, as parents or family members of children with disabilities should accept and love our children as they are.”

Grandmother, Voskehat Hakobyan

“13 years ago, my favorite son, Karapet was born. It’s hard to explain how happy I was. A few days later, I was informed that Karapet was born with the Syndrome of Down. I experienced a feeling that did not know how to call, was it a blow or a test? I had nothing to do but to collected all my strength and struggle against difficulties. Karapet grew up, and my love and care grew with him. Now we attend Armenian Association for the Disabled “Pyunic” and participate in the classes of “Early Intervention “. Karapet has gained many skills as a result of the project and impatiently waits for every consecutive lesson. As a result of group works he gained many friends and during the events organized by Pyunic he feels happy and integrated. 
We are very thankful to Pyunic for creating opportunities for our children to become independent and integrated members of the society.”

Mother, Hasmik Aleqsanyan

“Among many other girls I was one of graduates of “Zatik” orphanage who had to face the real life outside the institution with all its difficulties. However, thanks to the support of “Pyunic’s” caring staff I became an independent and self-confident person. After completing my mainstream education I dared to dream about acquiring also higher education. Willingness is key to success and my ambitious plans finally became reality: I successfully studied in Linguistic University which became a springboard for my future career. I am currently employed by one of the leading telecommunication companies and am proud to have my own contribution in the success of our team. I am also an active table tennis player. I have two daughters and loving husband. With my example I inspire many other women with disabilities who can also live independently and be a contributing member of the society” and Punic is always there to help everyone to make the dreams a reality.”

Anahit Vardanyan

“I started my way as one of “Pyunic” beneficiaries after I had lost my children and husband during the 1988 earthquake. The care and support I received from my family and “Pyunic” helped me recover from my loss and overcome the stressful situation I appeared in. Over the years, I found enough strength to get education and can’t help myself from stopping this process: I have diplomas in Linguistic, Social Psychology and Law. Currently I am heading the Gyumri branch of “Pyunic” which is a prosperous NGO providing a bunch of services to its numerous beneficiaries. Besides my professional career I am also a caring mother and grow up a son.”

Armine Nikoghosyan

“The devastating earthquake of 1988 changed destinies of thousands of Armenian children. I was one of them having lost my entire family and both legs as a result of the disaster: a two-year-old baby girl I was found in ruins on the second day of the earthquake embraced by my mother’s saving hands. I have been a member of Armenian Association for the Disabled “Pyunic” since 1991. Pyunic and my grandparents supported me in all my endeavors. I received higher education and I hold a Bachelor’s degree in psychology. Thanks to my energy and physical strength now I am one of the most successful Paralympic sportsmen representing our country during major international competitions in Powerlifting, Alpine Skiing and Marathons. In my arsenal I have numerous medals and I am extensively getting prepared for Berc-Sur Mer European Para Powerlifting Championship to take place in May, 2018, in France. My credo is “Never give up dreaming”.”

Greta Vardanyan