Since 1990 “Pyunic” has been using two vans, one donated by Rotary Club of Ath, the other by the Armenian Community of Belgium. In 2009 another van “Renault” was donated to Pyunic’s Gyumri branch by Philip Kizirian and in 2012 Jeep “Nissan Patrol” was donated to “Pyunic” in the initiative of Patrik Ottamian from France. All vehicles have been a great support to Pyunic especially during the organization of big events like summer and winter sport rehabilitation camps, Yerevan-Etchmiadzin marathons, ascent to mountain Aragats, Yerevan Summer camp etc. Unfortunately the vehicles are in bad repair now as they were used and we have used for so many years. During the recent 2-3 years Pyunic was forced to rent vans for organizing its mass events. The organization needs accessible van to go on with its projects and services.